Here are the features of the new and improved Flip Booklets service. We are always happy to receive feedback and implement popular feature requests.

The new and improved FlipBooklets is here

You asked, we listened

After a fantastic launch we had a lot of feedback from our customers detailing what they'd like to see in future versions of FlipBooklets. You asked, we've listened and included the most requested features.

Thank you to our fantastic clients and we hope you enjoy the new improved FlipBooklets!

No Ads, Ever!

We will never show any ads over your books, even on the free package!


Works on all devices, at any size. Your PDF Flip Booklet will look good, everywhere.

Quick to create

Simply upload your PDF, click save and you will get a link to view your PDF Flip Booklet as well as an embed code to place wherever you like.

Hyperlink friendly

Embedded hyperlinks in the PDF will automatically work when the PDF Flip Booklet is created.


With clean, minimal code your PDF Flip Booklet will load quickly on any connection (subject to PDF size of course).


Easily zoom in and out of the pages to get a better view of the content.

Download PDF

Allows your clients to also download a standard PDF version of the Flip Booklet to print or view offline.


The option to keep your Flip Booklet hidden from search engines.


If you have sensitive information, keep it protected with a password.


Your clients can bookmark pages in your PDF Flip Booklet to return to at a later date.


As long as the text is live (and not an image) it is searchable with this new feature.


Get analytics for your book. Discover how many times it has been viewed, where in the world, when and on what devices.


Choose the language most suitable for you and your audience, English or Spanish. For more languages please get in touch.

Single or spread view

Choose between displaying a single page at a time or a page spread.

Custom background

Choose your own background to complement your PDF Flip Booklet.

Custom colours

Brand the view using your own colours. The view can be branded as either your company or on a per book basis.


Switch your books to read from right to left.

Page Type

Set page thickness to match magazines, brochures, hardbacks and photo albums.

Custom Domain

Using CNAME, add a custom domain to assign to your books!

Need more features?

If you need more features you can submit your feature request from your admin panel. We will build the most popular features and include them in the product.

Get started for free

We have a free forever plan so you can try out PDF Flip Booklets for as long as you wish.

Join us and see how quick and easy it is to make a PDF Flip Booklet.